Ruby Stone Benefits and Ruby Healing Properties

The ruby stone benefits are many, because rubies are considered the most powerful gemstone of all.

In Sanskrit the word for ruby is ‘ratnaraj’ which loosely translates to ‘king of gemstones’. The king of gemstones of course comes with many benefits.

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Ruby Stone Benefits

Ruby stones are stones of love, passion, vitality and power. Its main chakra is the heart and has the astrological sign of Leo, Scorpio, Cancer and Sagittarius. It is the July birthstone.

A ruby stone benefits those in particular who are leaders, both secular and religious. As well as those who aspire to become a leader.

It gives guidance when making decisions and helps to fulfill your dreams even if that means changing the world.

A ruby stone encourages you to listen to your heart and work on fulfilling your dreams. Bringing awareness to points where you could improve yourself, thus aiding in self improvement.

Ruby Healing PropertiesRuby stone benefits

Because the ruby gemstone is a stone of power and vitality its healing powers of ruby helps with every part of the human body. In particular with heart problems, the circulation of blood and the liver. It can help ward of fever by cleansing the blood.

Stone of Love

Red is the color of love and passion making rubies highly valuable for those in a relationship or are searching for one. It improves your sexuality and increases passions when making love. For people that suffer from a lack of self-appreciation it helps them to realize their potential.

According to legends rubies should not be worn close to the solar plexus, so pick a ruby necklace instead of a ruby pendant. Ruby rings should be worn on the left hand or they could disturb the energy balance in your body.

The ruby stone benefits should not be used instead of regular medical treatment, but in addition to treatments. The powers of gemstones are not hindered by it.


  1. I am a married woman, 38 years old, with 3 kids, I was anxious to buy a ruby, so i bought one and wore it on my right hand finger, but after that i developed high fever. I read your website and learnt to wear it on my left finger so i changed, did i do the right thing, please let me know

    • GemstonesAdvisor says:

      Yes, according to various sources you should wear a ruby on your left finger for the best effect. However, wearing a ruby on your right finger will not cause a high fever. You should always consult a health care professional when dealing with health related problems.


    • Dear Ruby lover, I am not a astrologer but I know a lot about Ruby, women should never wear ruby as a Ring she will loose her lustre of body but rather should have as a pedant . You must know the quality of ruby and carat and the treatment, you can ask me any question about ruby I am expert and advise is free to help

      • HI sanjay,
        I have been told by an astrology pundit to wear a ruby on the right hand ring finger(5.5 caret), I have had it on for about a month and as you have so much knowledge i would like to know more.
        the pudit has also said i can wear a topaz right hand first finger.

      • name : Dhibin(male) ,D.O.B: october 20 1989, born time : 09:50 am in Kerala,
        my astrologer told to wear Blue sapphire and Ruby, now am wearing blue sapphire and i am in dilemma to wear ruby or not..pls help me…

  2. hi..i am 22, unmarried..i was interested in buying a ruby and blue i bought both of the stones and wore the ring (which includes both of the stones) on my right hand..But after reading your article, i have wore the ring on my left hand. I have searched the net and some of the websites says that ruby shouldn’t be worn with blue sapphire. I wanted to ask you that i am wearing both of the stones, is it dangerous?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes blue sapphire is the planet of Saturn and ruby is of sun. As Saturn is the enemy of sun, so for more information kindly consult to astrologer.

  3. Abhishek Sharma says:

    Saturday I bought one gold ring with ruby without knowing much details. Now I read about ruby so worried should I wer or not. My DOB 14-02-1969 @ 21.28 hours.

  4. At first I had absolutely incredible results from gemstone healing, which if I elaborated you probably wouldn’t believe, but within months all gemstone work began to drain my energy to where I could barely function. For some reason I began wearing them only on my right side, and find they are working again without the debilitation! There must be a connection, but what is it? I need to understand this.

  5. elankeswaran pillay says:

    My date of birth is 24 march 1977. Earlier I was wearing ruby on my right hand ring finger. I feel the different in my financial status where my wallet never dry of money and also my surrounding start to respect me. unfortunately I lost the rings, after that I had a lot of difficulty in finance and my marriage live and family.

  6. Where can i buy this and how much *-*

  7. you are right the ruby should be worn on the left side because its my experience that very few people can adjust to the full power of the suns gemstone i now use my ring at intervals taking a few days gap in between but it revitalises the body superbly in fact now i am searching for a small gem less than 1ct for myself

  8. DEBASISH ROY says:

    Sir, I am male. I was using Ruby but now the astrologer told me to use Panna. Can I use both stones on my right fingers?

  9. badar humayun shahdi says:

    sir my dob 13 april1982 my sign is scorpio i wear the topaz but i want also wear the ruby i can wear ruby plz

  10. im wearing a ruby necklace including with its eye agate stones which other friends of mine was rare to find. is it ok to wear this necklace everyday? Becoz i only once a weak use the ruby necklace becoz its so powerful. My energy level is high and it gives courage to onceself. Just avoid petty quarrel when you use the ruby becoz ruby stone makes you hot tempered on energy level. Be sure you know how to balance the stone you had. Im wearing amethyst bracelet in the left arm and wearing the jade bracelet on the right arm and wearing the ruby necklace with an eye agate. I feel the balance energy within me. Hoping everybody can get a suitable stone for each one of us. God Bless All.

  11. preeti chandra says:

    Hi i m preeti n i borught ruby ring n i wanna know which is correct hand to wear .some webiste says right and some says left hand. Before i wear i want to know the correct hand.

  12. I’m a 31yrs old female. My astrologer told me to wear ruby on my right ring finger, coz i got heart problems. Is this beneficial for me?

  13. shan jacolyn says:

    Am Shan living in Ho Chi Minh City and I, happened to read through this column which bought me a sense of relief and also found to be so helpful, I was born with zodiac sign Scorpio on November 3rd, my astrologer advised me to wear a Red Ruby to ward off the bad period am facing at present through the effects of the Sun ( Kuja) which according to him is to last for another five years, please help me with your respective advice if wearing a Ruby approximately 1carat to touch the skin of my left hand finger is advisable and if it would be effective because of its low dimension in size?

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