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Hiddenite boosts the effect of the medication prescribed to a patient


Hiddenite was named in honor of William Earl Hidden, an American mineralogist. There are other names of the mineral and its varieties, and lithia emerald is one of them. Hiddenite is an emerald-green variety of spodumene, which is a member of pyroxene group; that is why it is sometimes called spodumene-emerald. Compositionally, it is a […]

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Celestine is sometimes used for meditation sessions


The name of this mineral derives from the Latin word “caelestis”, which literally means “heavenly”. The stone got this name due to its gorgeous blue color. Celestine is classified as a sulfate; it usually contains calcium and barium impurities. The common coloring of the mineral is blue or grayish-blue including various hues, red and yellow […]

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Clinohumite sharpens the eyesight, tones up the body, and relieves from insomnia.


Clinohumite is a member of the humite group, which comprises three more minerals. They are so hard to distinguish that it is possible only with laboratory analysis performed. Jewelry clinohumite is a rare gemstone. It is a hydrous magnesium silicate. There are various colors and shades of the mineral in the nature. It comes in […]

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The coloring of dinosaur bone may vary depending on the minerals ingrained into the bones.

Dinosaur Bone

Dinosaur bone has become widely known quite recently. Generally speaking, dinosaur bone is not entirely a stone, as it was formed from the bones of dinosaurs that petrified and filled with mineral salts through millions of years. In Greek, “dino” means “great, fearful”, and it fully characterizes the mineral. In those days when nothing was […]

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Tsavorite opens up the inward knowledge that everyone creates their destiny themselves.


Compositionally, tsavorite is a grossular, in other words, a variety of garnet. This rare gemstone was first discovered less than half a century ago. Tsavorite got its name from the place of the discovery, namely, from Tsavo National Park in Kenya. The beautiful grossular is only produced in the East African countries like Kenya, Tanzania […]

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Grossular endows a married couple with happiness and a perfect harmony.


The word “grossular” derives from the Late Latin word “grossularia”, which means “gooseberry”. Other names of the gemstone and its numerous varieties are cinnamon stone, hessonite (essonite), jacinth, rosolite, leuco-garnet, colophonite, succinite, wiluite, African jade, Mali garnet, Transvaal jade, garnet jade. Grossular is a calcium garnet. The coloring of the gem is quite diverse and […]

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Crocoite will make you an all-round person


The name of this stone has an ancient Greek origin. It goes back to the word which is literally translated as “saffron”. Such names as red lead ore, Siberian red lead, and lead chromate are also used in academic writings and other sources. Crocoite has a bright orange-red coloring. The stone is quite brittle and […]

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Cacholong has a beneficial effect on the nervous system.


The name of this stone has a Kalmuk origin. It derives from a combination of the words “kahe” (which is translated as “a river”) and “halong” (meaning “a stone”). Kalmuk agate is another name for the mineral. Sometimes plain folk also calls it “milk of sacred cows turned into stone”. Actually, cacholong is not an […]

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The stones are usually heated up in the sun or in hot water before the massage

Lithotherapy Techniques

Every stone was attributed with certain healing properties since antiquity. How can one use the energy of the stone to improve their health? First, you should purchase an adequate crystal. It can be a jewelry piece (such as a ring or pendant), a pyramid, cylinders or a massage ball. But what is the most effective […]

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The magical properties of cassiterite are completely under its owner's conrol.


The name of this stone has an ancient Greek origin. The word “cassiterite” derives from the word that means “tin”. There are also other names of the stone and its varieties, like tin stone, tin ore, alluvial tin, lode tin and tin wood. Cassiterite is classified as a tin oxide mineral. The stone most commonly […]

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