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Jeremejevite was originally mistaken for aquamarine


Jeremejevite was first found in the African Namib Desert by the Russian scientist and mineralogist Pavel Eremeev in 1883. Therefore, it was him that the rare mineral was named after. And the dessert is is world-famous for its spectacular deposits of diamonds. The gemstone can only be found in the Namib Desert so far. Up […]

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Presently only 330 genuine painites are known worldwide.


Painite is an extremely rare mineral. It is a transparent red stone. It was first found in Myanmar by Arthur Pain, after whom it was named, in the late 1950s. The Guinness Book of World Records described painite as the rarest mineral in the world. About 25 minerals had only been found all over the […]

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the stone has excellent transparency

Iceland Spar

Iceland spar or Vikings stone is a transparent coarse-cristalline variety of calcite. Its first name derives from its first major deposit which was discovered on the territory of Iceland, namely near the town of Helgastadir. The mineral started to be referred like that at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, when the first […]

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the Aaron Basha ring

Red Diamond

Currently only a few red diamonds have been found. Actually, not so many people know their existence, and you can only dream about seeing a red diamond in real life and holding it in your hands. Red diamond is the rarest and the most expensive gemstone in the world. There is only one deposit producing […]

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a crystal ball is one of the best guides to the astral world

Crystal Ball Properties

Anyone who is familiar with magical practices knows that there is no past and no future. There is only the great Present, where all events occur simultaneously. Personal power enables getting access to this information. And this is where clairvoyance begins. Why are some predictions blurred and abstract and other accurate and understandable? How to […]

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Succinic acid has a powerful regenerating effect.

Succinic Acid Healing Properties

Succinic acid is a chemical compound obtained in the processing of natural amber. The acid is unique as it has a healing effect on the entire human body without any side effects. It does not accumulate in the body and helps remove harmful substances from it as well. The healing properties of amber acid are given […]

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Chrysoprase is considered a symbol of success

Chrysoprase Magical Properties

Chrysoprase was considered a symbol of success. The gem favors any new business affairs, as it has an aspiration to transformation. Therefore, it will bring good luck to restless people who are looking for a renewal. Chrysoprase is a talisman of innovations and those who choose unconventional methods and aspire to discoveries. It is also […]

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Amber is warm to the touch

Amber Healing and Magical Properties

Amber is not a mineral with a crystalline structure. It is solidificated and fossilized resin, thus, jewelry pieces made from it is warm to the touch. Amber jewelry is known since ancient times, when people believed that it is a stone of the sun both due to its appearance and symbolism. It is believed that […]

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Hundreds of meteorites fall on the Earth every day. Their physical appearance is very similar to stones – they come in different shapes and sizes and are usually grey or brown. However, there are instances where meteors are absolutely different; like a piece of stone with frozen particles from the sun. These meteors are called […]

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You can energize water with chrysoprase.


Chrysoprase is a translucent variety of chalcedony colored in green (from blue-green to emerald green and apple green) of different intensity. Such coloring is caused by nickel compounds. Healing Properties It is traditionally believed that chrysoprase improves eyesight due to its green coloring. It is helpful in curing eye diseases. Looking at the gemstone will […]

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