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Cinnabar Jewellery Cinnabar is quite a bright mineral which colours resemble amber. Nowadays cinnabar is used for making jewellery such as necklaces, pendants, various amulets and talismans that are believed to protect from danger and harm. Cinnabar healing properties Cinnabar is a copper sulphite compound, so it is widely used for healing and preventing diseases. […]

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Balin – Chicken Blood Stone

Balin is a mineral complex composition, as it contains quartz, kaolin, vermilion and a small amount of alunite. Therefore, the color of Balin may be from mouse-gray or yellow to dark-red or black. At the same time, it has streaks of cinnabar, which are painted in bright red and form a very original and beautiful […]

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baryte favors mainly those who can wait


Healing Properties of Baryte Actually, baryte does not have any healing properties. Viewing the stone as a healer, its main feature is to comfort a person, thus giving one a mental strength to fight a disease. In medicine, a diagnostic radiographic examination of the digestive tract includes the patient swallowing a so-called ‘barium meal’. Due […]

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Rhodochrosite favors people born under the signs of Gemini and Libra.

Rhodochrosite Properties

Healing Properties of Rhodochrosite In folk medicine, it is believed that rhodochrosite can remove toxins and purify the blood. In oriental medicine, spheres made of this stone are used in the restorative massage. Beauticians back it up and suggest doing facial massage with small rhodochrosite balls to improve the blood circulation and enhance the skin […]

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ulexite will develop your sixth sense


The coloring of ulexite varies from white to gray and grayish-green. There can be both transparent and translucent crystals, and opaque crystals occur as well. Ulexite has silky lustre. The stone is a fairly soft material. It is commonly referred to as cat’s eye. Healing properties of Ulexite It is widely believed that ulexite has […]

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Monazite bears powerful energy.

Monazite Properties

Healing Properties of Monazite The healing properties of monazite are still unknown. As a result, experts do not recommend using this mineral in any treatment procedures, as its effect on the human body may be quite unpleasant. Magical Properties of Monazite The mineral bears powerful energy. Monazite is one of those stones that can be […]

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Pegmatite bears positive energy


Pegmatite, also known as graphic granite or jewish stone, is quite a common mineral. In fact, it is not a mineral but a rock. The rock itself has white or yellow coloring, but the tint of mineral inclusions can vary. Thus, topaz, garnet, tourmaline and quartz inclusions are colored correspondingly. Healing Properties of Pegmatite Pegmatite […]

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Scapolite is often called a student stone


Healing Properties of Scapolite Scapolite can soothe a headache and lower blood pressure. The gemstone speeds up the postsurgical recovery, and improves the overall state of the circulatory system as well. The gems colored in purple promote faster wound healing, and help fight inflammation processes. If one has any eyesight problems, they should buy blue […]

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physicians recommend wearing seraphinite to people who underwent surgery


Healing Properties of Seraphinite Seraphinite has very powerful healing properties. The stone can stimulate regenerative processes in the body. Notably, the mineral affects the cellular level. Due to this feature, seraphinite is helpful in healing wounds, injuries and burns. In addition, physicians recommend wearing jewelry with the stone to people who underwent surgery (especially cardiac […]

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Sugilite activates the heart chakra

Sugilite Properties

Healing Properties of Sugilite The mineral activates the heart chakra, which contributes to one’s manifestation of unconditional love for people, sociability and strong determination to change their lives. In addition to the healing properties, sugilite promotes the consolidation of one’s spiritual principles. It stimulates mental activity. The healing will bring you tranquility and a sense […]

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