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The magical properties of cassiterite are completely under its owner's conrol.


The name of this stone has an ancient Greek origin. The word “cassiterite” derives from the word that means “tin”. There are also other names of the stone and its varieties, like tin stone, tin ore, alluvial tin, lode tin and tin wood. Cassiterite is classified as a tin oxide mineral. The stone most commonly […]

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a gemstone is more powerful if it is a present

How Gemstones Affect Our Life

Every precious or semi-precious stone has a unique set of properties. If one chooses a stone according to their sign of the zodiac, the stone is considered astrologically compatible with its owner. Usually a gemstone enhances some of its owner’s traits through moderation of some other features. Choosing the right stone leads to the accurate […]

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the properties of a gemstone largely depend on its color

The Meaning Behind the Gemstone Color

It is known that the properties of a gemstone largely depend on its color. Experts in lithotherapy believe that the stones of similar color have a lot of common features. Choosing “your” stone you should consider its color and properties associated with it. So the stone will have the most beneficial effect on your physical […]

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Tektite can help you relax and soothe your body.


The name of this mineral comes from the Greek word “tektos”, which literally means “melted”. There are also other names of tektite and its varieties, like Darwin glass, bottle stone, blackfellow’s button, moldavite, desert glass, impact glass. Tektites are solidificated glass bodies formed as a result of the strong meteor impact on the Earth’s solid […]

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green tourmaline is a stone of youth

Green Tourmaline

The color of green tourmaline is due to considerable amount of iron impurities in its composition. The color palette of this mineral may vary from lime and lawn-green to deep dark green. However, the iron impurities are irregularly distributed throughout the stone, therefore the coloring of green tourmaline usually appears in several shades of green. The […]

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Heliolite can't stand if its owner has any bad habits


Heliolite is categorized as feldspar. The stone has orange coloring with white streaks. It shimmers with beautiful tints of yellow and golden, that’s why it was named after Helios, the ancient Greek god of the sun. Vast heliolite deposits were discovered on Madagascar and in Norway, as well as in the Ilmen mountains, Russia. Heliolite Healing […]

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Eudialyte typically occurs as acinose mass.


Eudialyte is a complex zirconium, sodium and calcium silicate with various impurities of rare-earth elements. It is an end member of the eudialyte—euctolite isomorphous series. Eudialyte rarely forms crystals; it typically occurs as acinose mass. Eudialyte is the original mineral that can be found in the nephelinic syenites and their pegmatites. It is most commonly […]

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Rock Crystal is a Symbol of Loyalty

Rock Crystal

Rock crystal is a transparent colorless variety of quartz. It occurs as prisms with rhombohedral pointed heads. Composition SiO2 Other names Colorless quartz, rhinestone, quartz crystal, Alaska diamond, berg crystal, unripe diamond, mountain crystal Varieties Venus’s-hairstone is a rock crystal with the impurities of rutile, gothite, tourmaline or actinolite. Healing Properties Rock crystal is a […]

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Obsidian cleanses body energy.


Obsidian is natural structureless volcanic glass. It is an effusive, mainly felsic rock. It forms during volcanic eruptions as a result of rapid solidification of lava flow. Composition The mineral has a varying chemical composition, containing earth silicon (66-72%) along with oxides of alkaline and alkaline-earth elements. Other names Icelandic agate, Nevada diamond, mountain gagate, […]

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charoite is a stone of internal purity

Charoite – a Stone of Internal Purity

Charoite is a purple-colored mineral with satiny lustre. Sometimes it displays cat’s eye effect. Charoite is also the name of the stunning solid diverse columnar rock containing this mineral. Composition K(Ca,Na)2Si4O10(F,OH)H2O Healing Properties Charoite cures various inflammatory processes and enhances immunity. It is used in the treatment of heart, kidney, liver, and pancreas diseases. Charoite […]

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